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Here at VetsinTech we feel passionate about the education of our veterans. We are focused on those vets that already have shown an interest and aptitude for working in the tech industry.  That is not just around programming, but design, law, business, marketing and finance or other fields within the tech industry. When veterans return from their service, they bring with them an amazing set of skills such as leadership, discipline and teamwork. By augmenting  their existing skill set where needed with online and intense classroom programs, we can match Vets with new skills to positions where those skills are needed.


We realize that not all returning veterans want to get a job in the industry and some would rather work for themselves. Around half (48%) of returning veterans would prefer to start their own businesses. At Vets in Tech, we will organize various entrepreneur programs including hackathons, pitch events, visionary and leadership speaker series, local meetups and networking events, and business plan competitions. Other benefits include co-working and accelerator spaces for winning teams to work together and discounts on events or tech products and solutions for startups.


Many returning vets although very highly skilled, need some help translating  their military skills to the private sector world. In other situations, some veterans will need industry specific and technical training – hence our focus on education. Through various partnerships we can help Vets with resume writing and interview skills, connecting them with mentors to help them find direction in the tech world, providing job matching services and job fairs with local tech companies. Along these lines we have established relationships with corporate talent representatives and recruiters who would work VetsinTech to help veterans get hired. We will also work with local companies to better understand what they need and continuously tune the ViT program to accelerate the identification, training and matching of new Vets to new positions.