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Women-VetsinTech Hackathon @ Facebook


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Maria_Contreras_Sweet (2)

Founder, craigslist & craigconnects


Maria_Contreras_Sweet (2) DAS Gerton


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Seed money up to $5,000 for the winning team *depending on funds raised from Indiegogo campaign CLICK HERE Free coworking space for 1 month The winner will be accepted into the AngelHack Hackcelerator 10-week mentorship program**
Lunch with a VC Free tickets to a cool start-up event


maria_giudice-200x300 Maria Giudice – Director of Product Design at Facebook
Craig Hanson 24


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Partners and Sponsors

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SBAGovVWise is funded in part through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration. Logo w_ Words
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With support from our friends at Code for A Cause!

Our Objective: to support our returning veterans – thru education, re-integration, and by connecting to the tech ecosystem in SF Bay Area.

Details are as follows:

What: Women-VetsinTech Hackathon @ Facebook

When: Monday, August 25th 2014 – 9am to 8pm

Where: Facebook Campus Bldg 15, 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA

Registration Link: click here

In this full-day event the VetsinTech and Facebook community will come together to support our returning Iraq/Afghan veterans. Teams of approximately 5-10 people will be formed with a variety of skills -the vets can have the idea, help with business plan, marketing or just sit in to audit/participate for educational purposes – coding skills are NOT required. Chosen mentors from the tech community will come together (and to code) and recognize to the unique perspective our returning veterans have to offer.

What is it: The Vets in Tech hackathon @ Facebook is a full day business and app development competition. The event’s goal is to invite returning veterans to be part of a team focused on building successful startups around the next generation social, mobile, gaming, ecommerce, health or other applications and to foster a community of (veteran) entrepreneurship. Our veterans can add a unique perspective to many of these types of applications. Registered idea generators are given 1 minute to pitch an app concept to a tech audience on day one. Attending veterans, engineers, designers, marketing and business people as well as our team of glorious mentors pre-select the best ideas that will be developed into applications during the day. Teams are formed around the most promising projects and the competition begins.

What to expect: Expect to find the complimentary skills that help you to connect in the tech community. Be open, share your ideas and don’t hold back – “Ideas without actions are usually called dreams” Expect to meet super talented and inspiring people, to work under time pressure, and to dedicate the whole day! Expect to gain valuable feedback and insight not only from your teammates but also from other participants and the all-star panel of Judges.

— 9:00-9:15: Welcome – Facebook + Vets in Tech, V-WISE, SBA
— 9:15-9:45: Breakfast – Speaker: Deputy Assistant Secretary DOL VETS Terry Gerton
— 9:45-10:30: Entrepreneurs pitch their business plans and ideas to the group
— 10:30-10:45 Break
— 11:00-11:30: Team formation
— 11:30 – 12:00: Teams begin product and business plan work
— 12:00-12:15: Grab lunch!

— 12:15 – 1:00pm Keynote Speaker: Maria Contreras–Sweet – SBA Administrator
— 1:00 – 1:15pm Maxine Williams – Global Diversity at FB
— 1:15pm: Lean In Presentation – led by Amanda Talbott
— 2:00-3:00pm: Product and business plan team work
— 3:00-6:00pm: FB advisors/mentors and team work
— 5:30-6:30pm: Dinner
— 6:30-7:15pm Business presentations to panel of judges (FB and venture capital panel)
— 7:15-7:30pm Break (judging)
— 7:30-8:30pm Awards!! and Networking


Register Now!

* depending on amount raised thru ViT Indiegogo campaign ** AngelHack does ask for a 3% equity stake

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