Upcoming VetsinTech Events: July 13

Here is a summary of upcoming VetsinTech starting in June.  We especially encourage you to checkout the National Virtual Employer Meetup on June 25, that features a panel of leaders and recruiters from companies which include Facebook, Google, Genentech, Cloudera, Adobe, BlueShield, ConEd, and Disney as they discuss opportunities in the tech ecosystem.

Upcoming Education Events

  • Aug 14: VetsinTech National Front End Web Dev Cohort (Sponsored by MC Hammer) – More…
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  • Sep 1: VetsinTech Google/GCP Special Event – More…
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  • Sep 14: Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Santa Clara, CA – Virtual Classroom – More…
  • Oct 26: Draft Kings Data Science San Francisco CA – More..
  • Dec 7: VetsinTech Cybersecurity Palo Alto Networks – More..
  • Jan 4: VetsinTech Online: Artificial Intelligence Academy – More..

Upcoming Networking and Chapter Events

  • Jun 25: National Virtual Employer Meetup – More..
  • Aug 11: ViT Entrepreneurship Event – More..