Success Story: Ariana Ferguson

My journey to implementing self-care as a major part of my life started on the opposite side of the pendulum. My deployment to Afghanistan was a bit of a blur with minimal hours of sleep and a desk littered with energy drinks, but I can recall the moment I received a care package with a natural shampoo that had a strong tea tree and mint scent. This gift started me on a holistic path of self-healing and growth. And therein lies the foundation of Sulh, a company I founded in 2020, Рto heal, love, protect, and grow by returning to nature’s gifts with whole, organic, natural formulas that are intended to nourish our vessels and our souls.

VetsinTech has been a tremendous resource in helping me establish my business and expand my entrepreneurial and technical skillset. I attended a VetsinTech Web Dev course in 2020 which gave me the skills to set up an ecommerce store that I launched a few months later. Sulh is an online store offering natural, handmade wellness and beauty products. Thanks to Vetsintech I was able to better understand fundamental business principles including the knowledge to set up an LLC. The knowledge I acquired through Vetsintech was also helpful in terms of understanding marketing and growth strategy. I am truly grateful to be a member of such a nurturing and proactive community.