Success Story: Jessica Yoo Perry

Jessica Yoo Perry served in the US Coast Guard for 11 years, most of it on sea duty around the world. After leaving the military she went on to get two advanced graduate degrees including an MBA from Duke University and an Industrial Engineering MS degree from the University at Buffalo (SUNY).  Jessica went on the work for the federal government for three years, including time as a patent examiner at the USPTO in her last role, as well as a senior analyst role at a software company.

Jessica became involved with VetsinTech through some of our educational programs and special events, after deciding she wanted to bolster her technical skills and seek opportunities in technology. Courses in front-end development, cloud computing, and cybersecurity gave Jessica the needed confidence to pursue more technical roles.

Jessica also continued to network at some of our online events. In fact, after the VetsinTech Invasion, Amazon reached out to Jessica for a potential role and she ended up in the final round for interviews with Amazon before deciding to take an IT full-time position as a cybersecurity specialist with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).