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January 2019 Tech Profile

January 2019 Tech Profile

Robert Wining, US Navy

VetsinTech Web Dev Fundamentals, October, 2018

My name is Robert Wining and I'm from Youngstown, Ohio. I served in the United States Navy from 2002-2006. I was an Electricians Mate and a member of the All Navy Marksmanship Team.  

Upon moving recently to San Francisco, I realized the talent pool is deep. My decade of sales experience and military service may not be enough to set me apart. I enrolled in the VetsinTech Web Development Fundamentals course to learn more about front end web development and to bridge the gap between myself and other highly qualified job seekers.

Through this VetsinTech training experience, I learned more about the vast world of tech than I have in my previous 35 years on earth. This has been so incredibly beneficial to me.  I wish this class was available when I got out of the service. Instead I was given my medical records and a friendly pat on the back. Classes like this should be available for each industry and economic specialization.  VetsinTech is an outstanding concept that I believe can be replicated across multiple disciplines. Not only is this the best resource that has ever been available to me as a veteran, it's a phenomenal way for employers to tap into veterans that are career/education oriented. This class is filled with people that never ever want to stop learning.  

Having completed this entry level course, I am now prepared to immerse myself deeper into web development and take more courses that will expand my knowledge and capabilities.  What I have taken from this initial training is hard to quantify briefly in words. I have a good sight picture on what the tech industry needs, the types of jobs that are available, and in what areas specific companies specialize.  I've got my bearings and situational awareness and am charting a course to my next waypoint in the tech ecosystem.

This scholarship from VetsinTech and DraftKings has inspired me to continue learning and exploring how to become a forward thinking professional in tech.  I look forward to more course offerings and attending employer coalition meetups to build my knowledge, network and future opportunities.

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