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National Conference | The Invasion in Silicon Valley

National Conference | The Invasion in Silicon Valley

We have closed out 2018 with a bang and now gearing up for our next major event, our 2nd annual National Conference - The Invasion in Silicon Valley!

The Invasion will bring together veterans from all over the country to provide access and introductions to some of Silicon Valley’s hottest tech companies and an incredible entrepreneurial network.

The Invasion, hosted by google launchpad, will be held March 8th and 9th in San Francisco- check out our amazing line up of sessions and speakers. Steve Blank - the father of modern entrepreneurship and the Lean Startup movement, Michael Brown of the DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit here is Silicon Valley, and Carol Eggert - head of Comcast Military Affairs. We have over 20 speakers from across many tech and entrepreneurship fields who will be speaking and engaging with veterans.

Sign up and come join us on this invasion to support our current and returning veterans with re-integration services, and by connecting them to the national technology ecosystem.

ViT is committed to bringing together a tech-specific network, resources, and programs for our veterans interested in Education, Entrepreneurship, and Employment.

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