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Success Story: Patricio Onquit

Success Story: Patricio Onquit

I am so thankful that Vets in Tech exist! I wish it existed back in 2010 when I first got out of service. I really felt alone, and hopeless in a world that was supposed to be home. I really had to figure things out on my own. And felt that way for the longest time until recently being more active in the Veteran Community. I was recommended to look into Vets in Tech by an Air Force Officer colleague. He talked about a community of Veterans that work in the tech industry. I thought it is great to see if I could network as I’m a Realtor who specializes in helping Vets utilize their benefits to become homeowners. My first Vets in Tech was a mixer where I got to hear CO CEO of Salesforce speak about his support in hiring Veterans. As well as other top-level execs speak about the same or other Veterans talk about their journey on how they achieved success after the Military. It was so uplifting to hear the support, and the paths of other Veterans like myself make it in Silicon Valley.

Even though I was starting to get great momentum in my Real Estate career I heard about the Vets in Tech Coding Bootcamp for Front End Web Development. Something that is still instilled with me from the Military is that the better cross-trained the individual is in taking responsibility for many hats; the easier it is for the individual to get promoted and achieve success. So I decided to take the Bootcamp to have a better understanding of my own Business Website, and have the credentials just in case I need it in the future. Coming from a business background, I honestly got overwhelmed on day 1. I thought it wasn’t for me. But through the patience and support of my instructor and Vets in Tech contacts. As well as the encouragement of my Veteran peer classmates. I was actually able to finish! I haven’t felt this type of comradery pushing me to achieve something when I wanted to ring the bell and quit since I was in the Military.

I really feel Vets in Tech helped me in so many ways as a Military Veteran Realtor. They have helped me network with other Veterans in the Tech Community. Help me strengthen my technical skills which allows me to reach out to other Veterans and potential clients via online platforms. Which allows me to help Veterans utilize their benefits to become homeowners in a not so friendly VA buyer area. Along with serving on my Non-Profit VAREP (Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals) I also was on the front lines helping the new Blue Water Navy Act VA Loan lobbied and passed in Washington DC. A bill that helps Vietnam Veterans claim benefits that have been deserved for way too long now, and Veterans in high-cost counties like the Bay Area. I’ve now helped 6 Veterans and their families become homeowners in the last year alone. It truly is my passion to continually serve the Veteran Community, and I’m so glad to be aligned with Vets in Tech.

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