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The Invasion | Update

If you haven't gotten your ticket yet! Get it NOW!

We are just a few weeks until The Invasion and we are thrilled with the excitement from across the country.
We've added an impressive list of speakers and sponsors! So you can expect meaningful content across education, employment, and entrepreneurship that will give you tangle steps to jumpstart (and grow) your career in technology!

Tech EducationUncover opportunities to learn the in-demand new skills of Data Science, Cybersecurity, CRM, Web Development, and beyond.
  • Cybersecurity: Why vets are best suited to work in the future of defense
  • Vet Training: Opportunities in Data Science and Web Development
  • Social Impact: Why for-profit business is the key to veteran success
  • CRM: Becoming a Salesforce Administrator
  • Women VetsinTech: Empowering our Sisters

Tech EmploymentWork with leaders in corporate hiring and culture through professional development workshops on LinkedIn profiles, elevator pitch, and networking.
  • Secrets from the Inside: Hear from leaders in technology HR
  • Best Foot Forward: Telling your story through your Linkedin Profile
  • Tell Me Who You Are: Translating your military skills to nail your elevator pitch
  • Success Stories: How to get your foot in the door
  • Emerging Technologies: Tech in 5+ Years

Tech EntrepreneurshipLearn the critical steps to start and grow your business with content on securing VC financing, design thinking, business law, and lean methodologies.
  • Am I on the Right Track? Finding Product Market Fit
  • Product Management: A Veteran Perspective
  • Startup Lessons: Do as I Say, Not as I Did
  • VetCap: Choosing the Right Source of Funding for your startup
  • Getting Set For Success: Business Law Basics[embed][/embed]

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