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Web Development

VetsinTech Fundamentals of Web Development Bootcamp

VetsinTech has partnered with industry leaders in tech education to provide opportunities for Veterans and their spouses to receive an education that will equip them for success in the Tech industry.

Course Details

Some web familiarization helpful, but not required. You will learn the basics of programming by building visual and interactive components of a website.


More specifically you will get hands on experience creating the structural foundation (HTML), styling (CSS), and inserting logic to control the behavior (JavaScript) of your own website. Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Explain how the web works
  • Create the structure and style of a website using HTML & CSS
  • Apply interactivity to a site using programming fundamentals in JavaScript
  • Know the basic technical vocabulary to communicate effectively with front-end web developers

This course is offered exclusively to currently serving military, a veteran or a spouse of either.

You can sign up for this class and/or find more information on our calendar. For information about our training provider, please visit Galvanize.