Employment Programs

At VetsinTech, we recognize the immense potential of our returning veterans, often possessing a wealth of skills gained during their service. Our mission revolves around assisting these veterans in translating their military expertise into the private sector. We are dedicated to education, offering industry-specific training and technical knowledge when necessary.

Through strategic partnerships, we provide a comprehensive support system. This includes assistance with resume writing and interview skills, access to invaluable mentors, and guidance for veterans seeking their path in the tech world. We also facilitate job matching services and job fairs, connecting veterans with local tech companies.

Our strong network includes corporate talent representatives and recruiters who collaborate with VetsinTech to ensure veterans find meaningful employment opportunities. Additionally, we engage closely with local companies to understand their specific needs, allowing us to continually refine the ViT program and expedite the identification, training, and matching of veterans to new positions.


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